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Installing Solar Panels in Mashpee, Massachusetts

Last Updated March 5, 2024

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Michael Jones

By Michael Jones

Michael literally wrote the book on solar (it’s called The Homeowners’ Guide to Going Solar) and has been a solar consultant for over four years.

There has been a major commitment to installing solar panels in Mashpee Commons

One of the best things I’ve found about installing solar panels in Mashpee is that permits come back very quickly. I’ve known installations to be completed in less than three weeks after a customer first signs up, which is unheard of in other parts of the Cape, where paper-based permit applications can take up to two months for towns to process.

The speedy response time makes for a better customer experience and make installing solar panels in Mashpee more enjoyable for me than just about anywhere else on the Cape.

Mashpee’s Native American History

Originally established as a reserve for the last remaining descendants of the Wampanoag Nation, Mashpee was incorporated in 1880. It has been the fastest growing town on Cape Cod for the last thirty years or so, swelling to a population of 15,000 year-round residents. AS with most Cape Cod towns, that  number increases still further in the summer months.

Mashpee’s Upper-Cape location, close enough to the bridges, make it a great place to raise a family, particularly if one or more family members have to work off-Cape.

Its location is also well south of the Mid-Cape Highway (Route 6) which means that solar projects in the town do not need additional approval from the Old Kings Highway Historical District. 

That said, certain neighborhoods, most notably New Seabury, do place quite stringent restrictions on solar arrays that are visible from the street. Just how enforceable these restrictions are in light of Massachusetts Solar Access Laws is something that may be tested in the years ahead as more homeowners who want to go solar push back against HOAs that try to stop them.

Mashpee is also home to two of Cape Cod’s most prominent local solar companies, Solar Rising on Main Street and Cotuit Solar on Trinity Place, just on the border with (you guessed it) Cotuit.

Commercial Solar in Mashpee

There are also some highly visible commercial solar arrays. 

One that is hard to miss is the one at Mashpee Commons, an open-air shopping center that serves as the downtown hub of the town. The parking Canopy behind the Stop and Shop there was built in 2017. Less visible but even more impressive are the larger solar arrays that were added to nine rooftops there in 2016.

Other solar arrays can be found at all three public schools, the public library, the Department of Public Works and the town’s closed landfill. 

Mashpee’s Focus on Green Tourism

With almost 50% of its land in protected status, Mashpee is fervently pursuing development that not only respects the environment but also aims to attract more visitors through eco-friendly industrial and commercial ventures. 

This initiative includes a strategic move towards promoting “green tourism.” The plan highlights enhancing facilities and creating new programs at over 1,000 acres of conservation land, South Cape Beach State Park, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, along with properties managed by The Trustees of Reservations like Lowell Holly and Mashpee River Reservations. Moreover, there’s a proposal on the table to integrate approximately 2,200 acres in Mashpee into a forthcoming National Wildlife Refuge.

These endeavors are driven by a commitment to honor the town’s Indigenous roots while securing its economic future and safeguarding its natural landscapes. 

An ongoing commitment to solar energy is in keeping with this goal.

Final Thoughts on Installing Solar Panels in Mashpee

Mashpee is definitely a great place to go solar, whether you are a year-round resident or someone who only stays there in the summertime. It’s even possible to go solar on you house in Mashpee and transfer some the the credits to your off-Cape home if it’s not possible for that one to go solar.
In addition to the two Cape Cod-based solar companies that are located in Mashpee, several larger national and regional ones do a fine job of servicing Mashpee homeowners. There is certainly no shortage of companies that will help you to go solar, if you’re ready to make the move.

If you live in Mashpee, MA and have ever thought about installing solar panels, we’d love to help you decide. Just contact us and set up an informative, no-pressure chat about installing solar panels in Mashpee.

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