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The Top Cape Cod Solar Companies

Last Updated May 1, 2024

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Michael Jones

By Michael Jones

Michael literally wrote the book on solar (it’s called The Homeowners’ Guide to Going Solar) and has been a solar consultant for over four years.

Some Cape Cod solar companies focus exclusivey on residential projects

When you’re ready to switch your home over to solar power, choosing the right local solar company is key. You have the option of working either with a local Cape Cod solar company or one of the national giants that merely serves Cape Cod, and there are pros and cons to both. 

In this article we’ll introduce you to some of the top Cape Cod solar companies and explain why we recommend the ones we do. We’ll look at what kind of solar products they offer and how well they serve their customers. Plus, we’ll dive into any additional energy services they provide beyond just installing panels on your roof.

Massachusetts may not be the sunniest state in the US, but it’s an excellent place for going solar, thanks largely to its sky-high electricity costs and a supportive political environment that offers plenty of incentives through the Massachusetts SMART Program, as well as tax incentives for those who qualitfy.

These elements have turned Massachusetts, and by extension, Cape Cod into prime territory for big out-of-state solar players as well as nurturing smaller, local companies.


Boasting a network of five offices in Massachusetts and additional locations throughout New England, Sunrun stands out as a leading solar company in the region. Through both their Boston South and Boston Central offices, the company has a strong presence on Cape Cod.

They’ve been in business for a little over 15 years. That may seem like a fairly short time compared to some other solar companies out there, but when you consider that they have almost a million customers, they’ve crammed an awful lot of experience into those 15 years.

Sunrun’s focus has mainly been on single-family homes, introducing the concept of “solar-as-a-service” or the power purchase agreement (PPA) that they pioneered. They also offer cash purchase and solar loan options, as well as their innovative prepaid PPA, which gives certain customers the best of both worlds – the lower overall cost of a cash deal, with the peace of mind of a PPA.

But Sunrun is less likely to be able to help you if you need a ground-mounted system. And they don’t do commercial systems either.

But it’s not just about installing panels; Sunrun aims higher by spearheading full home electrification efforts – a step beyond their competitors. 

Collaborating with Ford on launching the F-150 Lightning truck is part of their strategy too. Sunrun will handle setting up Ford’s Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System for customers who choose it. Looking ahead, they plan to reach out to their vast customer base—to assist them with battery back-up systems, electric car chargers, smart electric panels and other upgrades necessary for complete home electrification.

Pros: As the nation’s premier residential solar installer, Sunrun is a titan in stability and longevity. Its size allows it to offer a diverse range of products and financing options, as well as tackle supply chain issues that can stump smaller companies. They’re not just keeping pace; they’re thinking years ahead of their rivals. 

Cons: But with great size comes certain drawbacks—sometimes, they might come off as the corporate behemoth they are. Wading through their customer service can be trying at times. And if you need anything other than a rooftop system, Sunrun likely won’t be able to help you.

Bottom Line: There’s a reason why they are one of the top solar companies on Cape Cod. Sunrun has honed its high-volume solar installation process to near perfection.

Cotuit Solar

If there could be a polar opposite of Sunrun, it might be Cotuit Solar. Founded in 1988 by Conrad Geyser, as a company that serviced orphaned solar hot water systems, Cotuit Solar is the epitome of the kind of small-town, locally-owned company that Cape Cod is known for.

Geyser has long been passionate about sustainability (he also designs and builds wind turbines and waterless toilets) but these days, he and his small team focus exclusively on rooftop solar, and they claim to be the most experienced solar installer on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Despite the name, Cotuit Solar is actually based just across the town line in neighboring Mashpee where its team of a dozen or so employees is closing in on their 1,000th solar installation. 

It’s a portfolio that includes a 1 megawatt solar farm in Acushnet and some high-profile installations on the Cape, such as Truro Vineyards, Hyannis Recreation Center, and Cape Cod Church in East Falmouth, as well as hundreds of residential rooftop installations. 

Pros: As a local company, Cotuit Solar has built up several decades worth of trust with Cape Cod homeowners and business. They are well-known for the quality of their customer service and are an important asset for the Cape Cod community. 

Cons: Being a small company, means that they can not offer the same wide array of products and financing options. 

Bottom Line:  if you’re someone who thinks it’s important to support locally-owned Cape Cod solar companies, you couldn’t do better than Cotuit Solar.

Trinity Solar

Like Sunrun, Trinity Solar is a company that is based off-Cape but has a very strong presence in the Cape Cod solar market. With over 1,600 employees, it’s one of the largest privately-held residential solar installers in the nation, with Massachusetts being just one of ten states in which it operates. 

The local office is in Wareham, which means that its strongest presence is in the southeastern part of the state – Upper Cape Cod, South Coast and Plymouth County. It’s one of the more established of the Cape Cod solar companies, having been founded in 1994, although it was only in 2014 that it expanded into Massachusetts.

Although large compared with other privately held solar companies, particularly those on Cape Cod, Trinity Solar is tiny compared to the giant publicly-held companies that are now starting to take over the industry. 

Some might see it as the “goldilocks” option – not too big and not too small. While others might consider it to be neither one thing nor the other – too big to service customers the way a locally owned company might, and too small to offer the array of product and financing options that the giants can offer. 

Its product combination of Qcells solar panels and Solar Edge converters is perfectly adequate for current-day solar installations, but Trinity doesn’t offer the kind of future-focused products and services that, say, Sunrun does. 

As for financing options, Trinity does offer “no-upfront-cost” solar installations by partnering with Sunnova for solar lease and PPA options, as well as more traditional cash purchase and solar loan offerings.

In the summer of 2023, TSG Consumer Partners made an investment in Trinity Solar, while leaving the existing management team to continue leading the company.

Pros: Family-owned company with a strong emphasis on customer service.

Cons: 5-Year warranty on workmanship, which is half of what is typical among Massachusetts solar installers.

Bottom Line: Something of a “Goldilocks” company in terms of size, which can be both a good or a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for in a solar company.

Not all Cape Cod Solar Companies offer ground-mounted solar systems

My Generation Energy

Founded in 2008, My Generation Energy is a relative newcomer to the Cape Cod solar market. Its 17 employees specialize mostly in residential installations but also handle commercial and non-profit projects, too. 

Although located in Hyannis, My Generation Energy doesn’t restrict its service area to Cape Cod and the Islands. It also serves the South Shore, South Coast and even the suburbs of Greater Boston. 

Across this wider geographic area, My Generation Energy has managed all kinds of solar installations including residential properties, business complexes, ground-mounted setups, non-profit organizations, and community solar farms.

Their team of specialists adeptly handles the entire solar installation process, including evaluation, securing permits, executing the project, commissioning, and providing ongoing monitoring and performance assurance to ensure that each system is perfectly tailored to fit their customers’ way of life.

In addition to installing solar systems, the company offers ancillary solar services, such as maintenance of existing systems; helping with solar system transfers for people who have purchased a home that already has solar panels; and providing solar value reports that help people who are selling a home that has solar provide valuable information for prospective buyers.

My Generation Energy has executed solar system installations in diverse environments, including residential properties, business complexes, ground-mounted setups, charitable organizations, and community solar farms.

Pros: As a local company, My Generation Energy prides itself on the quality of their customer service and is an important asset for the Cape Cod community. 

Cons: Being a small company, means that they can not offer the same wide array of products and financing options. 

Bottom Line:  Committed to forging a brighter future with pioneering technologies and a steadfast dedication to sustainability, My Generation Energy is a Cape Cod solar company that is at the forefront of creating lasting change for future generations of Cape Codders.

Summit Solar

Located off-Cape, with a headquarters in Mansfield, MA, Summit Solar is just starting to make inroads into the Cape Cod solar market. Founded in 2017 by Eric Israelsen and Dallin Maw, a pair former Vivint Solar executives, Summit is newcomer to the scene but has already installed over 2,500 residential and commercial systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Summit places an emphasis on education, a philosophy that dates back to the formation of the company. Israelsen and Maw saw that public knowledge of solar energy was minimal and clouded with misconceptions. They felt that too few people understood the financial, environmental, and societal benefits of going solar.

As owners of their own roofing company, Peak Roofing, Summit can also handle in-house what is likely to be a homeowner’s biggest obstacle to going solar. If one is needed, they can wrap the cost of a roof replacement into the solar purchase, meaning a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about coordinating different contractors or paying for two separate projects. 

For solar panels, they work mostly with Sunnova, but also have finance partnerships with Everbright, Dividend Finance and Sunlight Financial.

Pros: An up-and-coming young company that is hungry to grow. Has excellent online reviews and many of the same product and finance options of larger companies.

Cons: So far, they have built a relatively small customer base on Cape Cod, which means you’re not likely to find too many of your neighbors who have worked with them. 

Bottom Line:  Although relatively new to the market, their executives have been around the solar industry for a long time. Definitely worth taking a look at their offerings.

Final Thoughts on Cape Cod Solar Companies

So there you have it – our views on the top Cape Cod solar companies. The Cape Cod Solar Guys work with customers to help them choose the right company for their needs. Whether you need a rooftop system or a ground-mounted one, a residential system or a commercial one, you’ll likely need a different solar company, depending on the type of project.

The Cape Cod Solar Guys will help you make the right choice for your needs. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a quick chat. We’ll help you find the right Cape Cos solar company.

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